• What materials you use?
    It varies depending on the project, but mainly:
    Bristol paper, grid paper, charcoal, graphite powder, Q-tips to blend, pencils varying from 2H to 6B, mechanical pencils, scanner and photoshop.

  • What do you do in Photoshop?
    Since charcoal and graphite powder tend to get a bit (actually, REALLY) messy, I scan my final drawings then clean up the smudges to achieve a crisper look in Photoshop.
    I also add color and play with layers of textures as well. 

  • How do you draw hair?
    I focus on each strand and keep on layering - just how hair is. It's a very exhausting process, but very rewarding once it starts to come together.
    I usually start with a very light graphite base, and draw the thin strands with mechanical pencils. The highlights are usually done in white charcoal and Photoshop.

  • Where and when did you study art?
    I've been drawing since I was a kid, my mom would pack me a "drawing kit" (this includes the classic, Crayola crayons) when we would go out for family dinners. This really stuck with me - I still do the same thing till this day. 
    I enrolled in the School of Visual Arts in New York as a Fine Arts major, but ended up switching over to study Graphic Design my 2nd year. I graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design in 2010.

  • How long does it take you to finish one drawing?
    This also varies depending on if it's personal work or if it's a commissioned piece for a client. Roughly 12-60+ hours total.

  • Do you have a YouTube channel, if not, do you plan on doing tutorials anytime soon?
    Unfortunately, I don't have the time at this moment to make videos or tutorials.

  • Do you currently sell any of your work?
    You could find some of my babes here

  • Is illustrating and designing a full-time job, do you get paid to do this?
    Yes, I'm living proof that if you dream hard enough (and work harder) your passion turns into something real.